Mission Statement

Mission Statement: I will develop the higher level thinking skills of all students. I will create an environment for my students that encourages creative thinking, problem solving, and risk-taking. My students will gain knowledge of art and culture throughout history and the modern world. My students will use the elements and principles of art and design to create a portfolio of original works of art. My students will evaluate their work and the work of others.

Wayne Thiebaud Cake Collage and Collagraph prints

This is a great project for younger students because they LOVE making art about food!  I did this lesson with 1st grade and we looked at the American artist Wayne Thiebaud.  We play "I spy" with art lines and shapes in his works depicting cakes and the kids love it.

For this lesson, we created a cake collage on one day and a collograph/frottage on the next day.  I like this because the kids can create several different prints and decorate them each differently.

we start with a basic cylinder shape and embellish from there

getting creative with decorating....most of the kids have seen the show "cake boss" so this is a good inspiration

creating the collograph print/frottage

adding more decorations to the print


  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I am planning on introducing Thiebaud right after vacation, so you have given me some extra ideas to consider beyond what I already planned. Thanks!

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  3. I just posted about my 4th graders Wayne Thiebaud cakes. I think this a great variation for the little kids and will link to my blog:


  4. Thanks everyone! I've done some variation of Wayne Thiebaud every year and the kids just love him with all the sweets :-)

  5. Great art lesson to teach the younger students about collage

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  7. Love these..my kids love anything about food!

  8. This is just the lesson plan I need for a new "Famous Artist" project. We will love it in Omaha!